Giancarlo De Leonardo


My life in numbers


Years spent in the world of technology and innovative start-ups

Years of experience as an entrepreneur and manager of hotels and restaurants
Nights spent in hotels
Meals served in the activities I managed directly and indirectly

Consolidated experience between
Hospitality and Digital

“I have no medals in my drawer because in life it is what you are and what you will be that counts and never what you have been.

But if these experiences had not taken place, I would be a different person today. Above all, I could not be the only former hotelier and restaurateur (or one of the very few) who left the business to devote himself to the fight for the digital emancipation of the operators in this sector.


Wine & Cocktail Club


StartUp innovativa


My purpose

You may be asking yourself, why do I do this?

I pursue the dream of digital emancipation of my former restaurant and hotelier colleagues.

I have succeeded and today I undertake to explain how I did it. In the hope that many former colleagues can follow my path and stop experiencing the same anxieties and sufferings that I experienced for too many years.

giancarlo de leonardo

“If you don’t understand, you don’t act or you act badly.”

Instead, when you understand, you can generate extra turnover directly proportional to the investment made.
Friend and Colleague Hotelier and Restaurateur, if you do not want to risk losing your business, understanding the general principles of digital marketing is a necessary condition.

Don’t you trust it?

I understand that, I have been there before you.
Digital marketing, however, is an exact science that you can measure, so you can have an account of how much you have earned for every euro invested.

If you can then find a partner who offers you a money-back guarantee, what are you afraid of?

Want to know more?

On Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok you will find videos in which I tell what I do without any secrets.

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