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A Method Also Applicable to Food & Beverage Companies

The ‘Dear Colleague’ Method applied to the catering sector will enable you to:

Improve the market positioning of your business

Increase the loyalty of your customer base or increase the turnover generated by your customers

Increasing the number of customers

Each step is preparatory to generating extra turnover. The more steps you climb, the more results you achieve.
The objectives will obviously be defined on the basis of your specific business needs.

Are you an entrepreneur in the food & beverage world?

Here are our proposals

Soft’ approach

A Marketing Manager specialised in digital will be your Guardian Angel

If you want to achieve concrete results and attract more customers, you could get a digitally specialised Marketing Manager with vertical expertise in the Food & Beverage sector.

Invest in buying a number of hours per month, having them show you the way forward and/or supervise the work of your employees. If you already rely on a web or social media agency, this figure could help you decipher monthly reports and provide ad hoc advice for the growth and positioning of your company.

Smart’ approach

Implement an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan with a Digital Dream Team

The level of professionals you entrust with the implementation of an Integrated Digital Marketing plan is directly proportional to the results you want to achieve.

Don’t think about how much it costs, think about what it is worth. The goal is to find a Digital Dream Team focused on the results to be achieved. Having an A-team will help you develop extra revenue that you are giving up today.

Hard’ approach

All-round consulting and supervision by a digital expert

Do you already have a marketing team or do you want to create one because you want to implement an integrated digital marketing plan with your own forces?

Find a supervisor who can accompany you in making the right choices and can read and report on the activities of your employees.

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